Claim Assignment

Our claims assignment program is based on proprietary software that brings efficiency and transparency to the claims process. Assignment tracks and monitors the claims process, from the smallest detail to overall vendor performance. As part of Claims Logistics, we are available 24/7 to locate the best independent adjusters; keeping in mind their past performance, average billing, and proximity to your loss.

Using Assignment ensures that you will receive the right resources to address your needs quickly. Below are just a few of the benefits of using Assignment:

  • On average, vendor located within 15 miles of loss/investigation
  • A decrease in average independent adjuster billing
  • Continual follow up until the vendor acknowledges, understands, and completes your directions
  • Centralized communication via the web portal promotes efficient claims handling
  • Immediate identification of potential total loss, triggers ICS’s salvage process and reduces related expenses
  • Consistent service to your customers regardless of your adjuster turnover, absence, or increased work load

Nationwide Vendor Management Vendor logistics IS a full time job. When it comes to the choice of a loss professional, there’s no room for error or delay. You want to know the right person is on your assignment and that reports are accurate, on time, and complete. ICS is your gateway to an unlimited number of vendors. Over 4,000 independent adjusters and appraisers enable us to locate quality vendors near your loss, incorporating your vendor preferences at a company, department, and adjuster level.

ICS believes that vendors desire to provide a quality product to their clients. We support our vendors by providing constructive feedback on past performance. Capitalizing on the data captured on every assignment by measuring it against local and national benchmarks, we can pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. ICS rewards excellent service with more claims and also works with vendors who wish to improve their service. The end result is an excellent service that gets even better over time.

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