Claim Logistics uses process & technology to move assets, information and people through the claim

Our Mission

Innovative Claims Service is a leader in Claim Logistics, who utilizes technology and defined procedures to facilitate resolution in the claims process while conducting ourselves with absolute integrity, consistently delivering value to our clients, and approaching each task with an appropriate sense of urgency.

Our Culture

Central to Innovative Claims Service is our high commitment to integrity: in how we approach our decisions, in our relationships with our clients, and in the work we deliver each day. Our corporate culture is built upon these core values:

  • Integrity: First and foremost. It is reflected in the work we do, which brings integrity to the claims process, in the relationships we hold, and in the decisions we make as a company – everything will be done with the utmost integrity. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to do what is right, every time.
  • Value: We exist to bring value to our customers. We do this by reducing expenses, maximizing returns, and consistently saving our clients time.
  • Urgency: We refuse to give into complacency. Each request that is important to our clients is very important to us. We will constantly work to fulfill each request in the most effective way.