“At Swift, we needed a resource that would provide the best local adjusters for our claims and a network of salvage buyers to improve our asset recovery. I started as a skeptic, but today I am a sold client. ICS provides solutions that deliver improved results in 9 out of 10 cases. More importantly, they perform their services with exceptional integrity. We use ICS because the results exceed expectations, are delivered with high professional service, and offer the resources necessary to support our large organization.

“ICS has proven services that have dramatically improved the quality and consistency of our claims product through their managed network of preferred vendors. ICS has enabled us to save both time and money spent correcting independent adjuster mistakes allowing our adjusters to maintain a heavy case loads and focus on key financial decisions. Their nationwide salvage program provides the highest returns by quickly securing bids with one of the largest salvage buying pools in America. Our salvage returns continue to improve year after year.

“ICS facilitates the communications and investigation process so that critical adjusting resources can be focused on analysis and decision making. The result is proper and prompt claims resolution.

“We have been very impressed with the professionalism and efficiency with which Innovative Claims Service conducts business. As a company that stresses integrity and service, we have been very satisfied with our interaction with your company. It is quite clear that Innovative Claims Service is a dynamic company with a tremendous growth potential, and we are excited to be working with you and look forward to building a lasting business relationship for many years to come.

“Innovative Claims Service gives good information with each bid request. Specs and location are very important to us and most people leave that out. We appreciate teh necessary information they provide. ICS also gives quick responses. They answer our questions immediately. They have been a great asset to our company…quick and good business.

“By their willingness to work with us, ICS really listened and learned the nuances of our business. They have melded their technical expertise and creativity to establish a working claims management system for us. They started with nothing and created a work process that is adaptive and user friendly. Not only did they create the system, they modified it each time we discovered we wanted more function. They are truly committed to our partnership and are continuously looking for ways to improve their service to us.